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Smart Cities Week

Welcome to the Smart Cities Week Sponsorship Portal

This site is your dedicated resource for information on sponsorship of all Smart Cities Week events.

Using our interactive system, you will be able to build a customized sponsorship package based upon your organization’s marketing goals and budget.

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Why Invest in Smart Cities Week?

Smart Cities Week is a global venue for cities to collaborate and discover.

Smart Cities Week facilitates direct connections and meaningful, long-term relationships via our data-driven Readiness Approach.

All Smart Cities Week events feature:

  • World-class programming that collects and shares best practices.
  • Intimate formats that allow for meaningful dialogue.
  • City-to-city sharing of lessons learned.
  • Travel scholarships that help deserving cities attend and share.
  • Venue for city officials to preview the new technologies that will soon be impacting their city and their citizens.
  • Innovative exhibition opportunities. Be part of a Smart Cities Experience!

Readiness Approach:

Connect with Cities That Are Ready to Get Smart

Maximize your marketing ROI and put your organization at the center of meaningful interactions with Readiness Cities.

  • Based on your goals and a city’s state of Readiness, we create a unique experience that puts your organization at the table with the right cities.
  • Due to the extensive data we maintain on our Readiness Cities, we are able to match your organization with a city that is “ready” in terms of decision-making, capability, budgets, and identified projects.
  • The cities available to participate in the Readiness Approach are part of the Smart Cities Council Readiness Challenge ecosystem.
  • SCC can hand-pick a city to partner with you based on their focus area (water, built environment, mobility, etc.) to foster more meaningful engagements during the Smart Cities Week.
  • We coordinate all participants, regardless of session format.

Sponsors, Exhibitors & Media Partners

Smart Cities Week values and recognizes your support